by Hand Practices

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    digital album releases 01 January 2015
    item ships out on or around 17 January 2015

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Nowhere to Run
Not Another Revolution
Just Wave Goodbye
The Universe is Fucking with You
In Retrospect
The Last Astronaut Left in Space
Things Are Happening And That's OK


releases 01 January 2015

hand practices is
patrick betzold - guitar
robbie bourne - bass, vocals
max crowe - drums
josh kalvelage - vocals, guitar

this album also features
christopher smith - keyboards
dan smart - auxiliary percussion, organ

technical wizardry done by
dan smart @ echo/normal studios - recording, engineering, mixing


adam boose @ cauliflower audio - mastering

cover artwork by
conor campbell

add'l artowrok done by
patrick betzold



all rights reserved


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Track Name: I Don't Have a Reason
it's so good to see you
tell me how you've been
why are we still living in the same mundane routine?

i'm still getting by
still living day to day
who cares about the future? it turns to the past and fades away

i better be going
hope to see you soon
i can only take so much til there is nothing i can do

i'm still gonna love you until the day i die
i don't have a reason, i don't need a reason why

i can see a light
i know it's not the sun
still i'm moving towards it though i feel i should run

the opposite direction
as far as can be
but everywhere i look light is still shining down on me

sometimes it gets heavy
it's all i can feel
i gotta remember none of this is real

i'm still gonna love you until the day i die
i don't have a reason, i don't need a reason why