Wishing It Was Anytime But Now / Theme (From Recurring Nightmare)

by Hand Practices

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double the singles from hand practices from their album MAGNUM DOPUS


released February 7, 2020

robbie bourne - bass, vocals
patrick betzold - guitar, art
matt crowe - synthesizer
max crowe - drums, keys, recording, mixing
josh kalvelage - vocals, guitar
todd rittmann - mastering


all rights reserved


Track Name: Wishing It Was Any Time But Now
Hello, weary traveler, your journey’s almost over
It’s time to do it all again
Every iteration sounds the same as you grow older
And no one else is listening

But it gets harder to let go
When it’s the only thing you know

Hello, aimless wanderer, the end is growing nearer
And you don’t even seem to care
You don’t have any answers, but the questions become clearer
When no one is around to hear

It’s getting harder to hold on
You had a reason, but it’s gone

Goodbye, strange philosopher, may you complete your journey
Maybe it’ll lead you home
Track Name: Theme (From Recurring Nightmare)
Spinning ‘round the universe in search of finding somewhere you belong
But you’re so small and weak you move in place or don’t move anywhere at all

Run around in circles as you please
You’ve reached the end, now it’s gonna repeat

Are you still contagious? Are you still in some outrageous state of mind?
Walking through the darkness, all you had to do was open up your eyes

You’ll never have the answers that you seek
You’ll never figure out what it don’t mean
You’re just looking at the sky through the trees

I laid down on the ground and went to sleep
And had the very most peculiar dream
The corpses stretched from sea to shining sea
And all of the destruction came from me

And centuries and centuries abound
Each moment undisturbed by wretched sound
Nor dust, nor chaos, nor philosophy
Alas, that’s not how things turned out to be

You wake up feeling rotten, you’ve forgotten all the beauty that you saw
You wait for time to pass, and time will pass until there isn’t time at all
It ends the same as any other day, and I’m afraid I might know why
Even though you think you don’t you know, already, how it feels to die

You’re looking hard, but you won’t ever see
No truth you find will ever set you free
You’re just looking at the sky through the trees
You’re still looking at the sky through the trees